Ask the Machine Whisperer?


  1. From Chris in Texas: Hi Steve, I work for a firearms manufacturer here in Texas, and as you can imagine we’ve been incredibly busy. We are started an initiative to monitor our shop’s OEE and were hoping you could help speed up the process, as we have discovered that there are too many Machine Monitoring systems available to evaluate all of them. It seems that almost every manufacturing supplier is now offering some form of Machine Monitoring. Our IT leadership refuses to connect any cloud-based systems to our internal network due to security concerns, but most of the newer monitoring systems seem to be cloud-based, why is that? What’s your take on the security debate between cloud & locally hosted manufacturing software? Thanks in advance for your help!

Answer:  Many of the new Machine Monitoring systems available are cloud-based because those companies want to keep charging their customers never-ending monthly or yearly fees. I always try to look at a situation from my prospective as a Manufacturing Engineer, and that’s also how I try to solve problems. So that is why we don’t sell cloud-based systems.  As an Engineer, I would not want another company to have that much control over my network security or my manufacturing data. Every time someone tells you that you are safe on the cloud a week later a story comes out about how hackers penetrated into yet another cloud-based system.  Your IT department’s network security protocols make a lot of sense to me, especially considering the industry your company is in.

  1. From Ben in Michigan: Hi Steve, I’m also a big Apple fan and was wondering how you are liking the new iOS 14? What do you think Apple will roll-out at the upcoming Apple Event tomorrow?

Answer:  Hello Ben, I like the new IOS, it’s nice to be able to have widgets on any page now and great that third party companies can also make widgets. A lot of the other changes are more minor, but it is a mature OS so at this stage they are nice tweaks.  As far as the roll-out tomorrow, I’m sure the main thing will be 2 or 3 new iPhones 12 with the new design and better cameras.  I heard there may be a new HomePod Mini, and maybe they might show off their new AirTags which I’ve been waiting for.  I’m sure there will be even more, and I can’t wait!

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