Ask the Machine Whisperer?


From Cael in WI: Hi Steve, we have been looking at purchasing a DNC system for our shop, but multiple vendors have expressed concern that we have a very large and many levels deep CNC file structure. Do you have any advice for us? Thanks!

Answer: Deep file structures can be a little tricky, and it also depends on how the machine is connected to the DNC system.  In the case of eNETDNC if you are connected via Ethernet or USB then we can show you file directories right at the machine control, so that you can drill down to the file you want.  If using Serial then in your call program you can add the directory path along with the file.  Other companies will sometimes stage the files in a temp directory or que up the program using a computer, but rest assured we should be able to find the best way for your needs.

From Aidan in MN: Hi Steve, I work for a discreet firearms manufacturer that has been extremely busy during the Covid-19 pandemic. Management is considering implementing a Machine Monitoring system so we can address production inefficiencies and get more up-time from our machines. My question pertains to cloud-based Machine Monitoring software security, as our company has an IT directive forbidding the use of cloud-based software. The machine monitoring companies that utilize cloud-based software all claim that their products are completely safe for Customer network security, do you agree with this claim? Thank you!

Answer: Cloud-based software and data storage raises several issues. I have heard from several companies that have piloted cloud-based systems that the data isn’t always accurate.  And then there is always the security issue, every time you’ve been told something is safe, the next thing you read is that they’ve been hacked. The standard rule is that anything connected to the internet is hackable. There are usually ongoing monthly charges associated with cloud-based software, and lastly who owns the data that they collect from you?  I feel that if you host the data in-house and use locally hosted software, it puts all of these questions to bed.

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Machinist by trade, proudly serving as the Corporate Sales & Marketing Director for eNET Monitoring & DNC.

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