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So March is finally here, and the February ISM Manufacturing PMI remained in growth territory for the 2nd straight month! Hopefully March Madness will still pertain to college basketball, rather than coronavirus panic. This month also brings us the AeroDef show in Fort Worth, TX. from March 16th-19th at the Fort Worth Convention Center. If you’d like to attend please click the link below to register for a complimentary pass, and please don’t forget to stop by the eNET booth #643 to see the latest and greatest in Smart Manufacturing!

Without further delay, here’s this month’s questions for the Machine Whisperer.

From John H. in Colorado: Hi Steve, with the recent end of support for Windows 7, I’ve been tasked with upgrading our DNC server computer to a Windows 10 machine. Do you have any recommendations for making this transition as painless as possible?

Hello John, It really depends on the DNC system that you are using,  most systems use hardware that requires virtual comports so when you try to move the system to a new computer you usually have to reinstall the software, then copy over the configuration, and then install and setup your virtual comports for each machine.  With eNETDNC we talk directly to the hardware be it Serial, Ethernet, USB, wired or wireless, so all you have to do with eNETDNC is copy over the directory and launch the program, that’s it.  We purposely designed the software and hardware this way so that if a customer ever has a computer that dies, or you need to upgrade the Windows version then it’s very simple to make the change.

From Alex M. in Pennsylvania: Hi Steve, we recently purchased a new Haas HMC and would like to network it for program transfers. We do have an older DNC system in which we are communicating to our machines through the Serial (RS-232) ports. Unfortunately the new Haas machine does not have a Serial port, but does have USB and Ethernet ports. We tried networking this machine through the Ethernet port to our network but we have had a lot of issues trying to get it to work correctly, what would you recommend? 

Hello Alex,  For security sake I recommend connecting your Haas machine through the USB port, as there’s no FTP capability for networking securely through the Ethernet port on any Haas machine. eNETDNC offers both wired & wireless USB DNC hardware, which mimic a USB thumb drive, and they are very simple to set up. In the eNETDNC setup you just set where you want to download your programs from and where you want to upload them back to. Then right at the machine control when you pick “USB”, it will display all the programs that are available in that specific folder for that machine to easily upload and download almost instantly.

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