Ask the Machine Whisperer?

Happy New Year to our readers! We are back and looking forward to hopefully another great year for manufacturing here in 2020.

From Troy in Michigan: Hi Steve, I’ve enjoyed reading your “Smart Manufacturing” blog but noticed there hasn’t been as many posts lately, will you be coming back soon?

Answer: Hi Troy, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog. Yes, we are coming back strong in 2020! 2019 was the busiest year ever for eNET as Smart Manufacturing has been spreading like wildfire, so the blog unfortunately took a back seat to customer demand for eNET installs in 2019. We’re aiming for at least 1 post per month in 2020, sorry for the delays!

From Larry in Florida: Hi Steve, we are interested in upgrading from our old hard-wired DNC system to a wireless one to eliminate the need for cables all over the shop. There is one machine that has it’s own proprietary DNC software on it which we use for drip feeding large programs to it. We have conflicting opinions in the shop whether it’s best to have all of the machines on the same wireless DNC system for file revision control and continuity, or to keep the single machine connected via hard-wire to the existing proprietary DNC software because of the need for drip feeding. Can you please give us some guidance?

Answer: Hello Larry, That is a great question. When it comes to drip feeding a long program hard-wired is still the safest and most reliable method.  We have one of the most reliable wireless units on the market but built into the wireless standard is a feature to reset the access point if there are too many collisions, and if you have been drip-feeding a program for several hours you would not want anything to interrupt that, so that is why I would always recommend wired in that situation. As far a proprietary DNC software eNETDNC has quite a few proprietary formats built into the software so you might still be able to do everything with one DNC software package, mixing both wired or wireless.  Even if your DNC software can’t do that proprietary format, I would still recommend moving forward with the wireless upgrade and to not let one older machine hold you back.

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Luke Galindo

Machinist by trade, proudly serving as the Corporate Sales & Marketing Director for eNET Monitoring & DNC.

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