Ask the Machine Whisperer?

June 27, 2019

From Tom in Ohio: Hi Steve, I noticed that machine efficiency tracking systems often go by the title of “Machine Monitoring”. When my company started evaluating Machine Monitoring systems to better track our machine utilization, there was serious pushback from the Machinists. The term “Monitoring” evoked fears of “Big Brother” watching their every move. I’m sure you’ve experienced this plenty of times already, how do you handle these concerns? Thanks.

Steve: Hello Tom, yes we have run into this fear from machinists before, after all no one wants to be Monitored, the word alone strikes fear.  I prefer to describe it to people as an MIS (manufacturing improvement system), for both management and the machinists. Machinists will run into various issues throughout the day which causes the machine to not be running cycles. Instead of constantly fighting these same issues, an MIS gathers this down-time information and supplies it to management so that down-time solutions can be deployed. At the end of the day, this should lead to less machine down-time, and less headaches for the Machinists to constantly have to deal with. Everyone wins.

From Chris in California: Hi Steve, I work for a well-known aerospace company in California. We would like to collect production data from our machines, and are looking at a couple of local California-based systems, as our company has always had a preference for local support, for obvious reasons. However I’ve researched a few monitoring systems that are not based out of California, and they have features that the local systems do not offer, such as the ability to lock the “Cycle Start” button and force the Operator to report a down-time reason. In your opinion when it comes to Machine Monitoring is local support more valuable than particular features of the machine monitoring system? Thanks in advance for your help!

Steve: Hello Chris, local support is always great, that is why eNETDNC uses a reseller network to get support to customers as close to the customers as possible. However, I don’t think local support is the most important thing to be concerned about. In my opinion the most important thing should be reliability, if the system is reliable then you won’t have to worry about where your support is coming from. The number one thing that we hear from our customers is how reliable eNETDNC is, so reliable that we don’t even need to charge for a yearly maintenance contract for support and updates. When evaluating Monitoring systems please make sure that you ask to speak to a few of their Monitoring customers, so you can get a feel for the reliability of that system. And just for the record, we invented the “Cycle Start Disable” feature.

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Luke Galindo

Machinist by trade, proudly serving as the Corporate Sales & Marketing Director for eNET Monitoring & DNC.

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