Ask The Machine Whisperer?

May 15, 2019

It’s that time again, as most of us patiently await the arrival of summer (it is coming, right?). April’s manufacturing number continue to show modest industry growth, and we are all watching to see if the tariff wars derail manufacturing’s momentum. Enjoy the latest blog, and send in your questions for the Machine Whisperer.

From Jeremy in Texas: Hi Steve, we’re planning on buying a DNC system for our shop in the near future, and we’d like to know if it’s possible to integrate a tool pre-setter with a DNC system?

Steve: Hello Jeremy, in most cases yes.  The main question is how does your machine want the tool information.  Some machines want the tool information in a file of its own and some want it as part of the existing program.  Some you will have to run as a program when they come in and other machines you will have to tell to load in from a file.  I would just make sure that you work with the company you are buying the pre-setter from to make sure that they can load in to each machine.  From that point we can usually configure eNETDNC to work with each machine’s needs.

From Alex in Illinois: Hi Steve, we have been using Machine Monitoring for about a year, there is interest from some of my colleagues for exporting the Machine Monitoring data into our ERP system (Epicor). First, I’d like to know if it’s doable? If yes, do you think the data integration into our ERP is going to be beneficial?

Steve: Hello Alex, I think that’s a great idea, eNETDNC has several ways of working with ERP systems.  We also have some partners that work exclusively with eNETDNC and different ERP packages to add lots of additional features.  Customers that have done this in the past have found the ROI to be almost immediate.

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Luke Galindo

Machinist by trade, proudly serving as the Corporate Sales & Marketing Director for eNET Monitoring & DNC.

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