Ask the Machine Whisperer?

March 19th, 2019

From Eric in Michigan: Hi Steve, we’ve been reading your blog and it has led to a debate in our shop about what the term “DNC” actually means? I was taught in school that it means (direct numerical control), describing the spoon or drip-feeding of programs too large for the machine memory, into a CNC control. My colleague maintains that the term “DNC” is now accepted to mean (distributed numerical control), describing the direct connection between a software and a group of networked machines using that software to transfer CNC programs. Can you please help us settle the debate?

Steve: Hi Eric, thanks for reading our blog, I’m very happy to hear that it lead to this conversation in your shop. I’ve maintained for years that DNC systems aren’t covered enough by Tech schools, and that has led to a lack of DNC knowledge in many shops that I visit. There’s no lack of knowledge to be found in your shop however, as you are both correct! DNC (distributed numerical control) means a file management system to control and facilitate file transfers of CNC programs.  While (direct numerical control) means to drip feed the program from a computer to the CNC control because the machine does not have sufficient memory to run locally.

From Sean in Pennsylvania: Hi Steve, probably because I’m a big fan of everything Apple, I happily noticed on the blog homepage that you’d also welcome Apple-related questions. Due to the security advantages of Mac vs Windows my company exclusively uses Mac computers. My question for you is will Windows Parallels on a Mac be enough computer to host your Windows-based eNETDNC software?

Steve: Hi Sean, thanks for the question and yes Parallels will work great with eNETDNC, we actually have other customers running eNETDNC this way.  I am a big Mac fan myself, and run it this way on my computer everyday. Don’t forget about the Apple event coming up on March 25th, can’t wait to see what’s new!

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Luke Galindo

Machinist by trade, proudly serving as the Corporate Sales & Marketing Director for eNET Monitoring & DNC.

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